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If you're here reading the blog for the first time, you'll see my first posts, but then you'll see where I stopped posting updates, and that's because my blogging friends had me writing it all in book form. It took just three months to finish the book and publish it. The first 2 novels have made Amazon's bestseller's lists repeatedly since they were published. 7 years after that first novel, readers still email me about how much they enjoy that first book, along with the rest of the series. Do you agree?

July 1, 2010

1. To Cheat or Not to Cheat

MargaritaImage via Wikipedia
My husband and I have only been married for four years, and I'm already having problems with him. We are both very good looking, so we're always getting attention from other people.

Last weekend, I went out to a hot Hollywood club with some of my single and married girlfriends. Clubbing is not really my thang, but I needed to get out.

While we were there, a very sexy tall hip hop singer, who I cannot name for both our sakes, asked me to dance, and I said yes. I'd had only one Margarita, which is my favorite drink, but I was already becoming less inhibited.

While we danced, the DJ played Ciara's past hit, Get Up!

Then, Sexy asked me some questions, and really turned me on in the process, because he had to get close to my ear to be heard above the DJ's loud music.

I told him I was married, and he said he was, too, but of course, I already knew that. Then I told him he smelled delicious.

I thanked him for the dance and began to walk away--I had to get back to my girls. Suddenly, Sexy grabbed me around the waist from behind, and pressed his hard hot body up against my round ass, sending electric thrills up and down my spine. He really was delicious!

"Where you going?" he asked, with a wounded look in his eyes.

I knew he was used to getting what he wanted.

"If I give you my number, you promise to call?" he queried.

"I'll try," I said. He gave me his cell phone number and assured me that his wife had no access to it. I had to wonder about the sanctity of celebrity marriage. But he is simply too thrilling!

Should I call?

2. My Secret Encounter

I couldn't wait for your response...I called Hip Hop Sexy on his no wifey access cell phone, and he arranged to pick me up on a quiet street near UCLA, where I am attending college.

He pulls up in his shiny black Maybach. Being a middle class college student, I have never been in such a beautiful car in my life! Yet, Sexy out shines the car with his stunning good looks.

He's playing Omarion Touch on his stereo, and it's getting me excited. Click on it and listen while you read this post so you'll know what I'm feeling. He says we're going to his place. What?! No, he explains, not where he lives with his wife. Silly me, he has mad money, so he would own lots of property in Southern California. We are going to his Malibu beach pad wifey knows nothing about, but he doesn't want me to be afraid. Nothing will happen that I don't want, he just wants to be alone with me without encountering the paparazzi.

I am both thrilled and terrified at the same time. What if we do encounter the paps? How will I explain this to my husband?

We eventually drive through a pair of massive and elaborately carved wooden remote controlled gates, which close as soon as we pass. He explains that this is his own private road. We soon pull up to a stunning glass and concrete mansion overlooking the crashing waves of the Pacific ocean. As Sexy helps me out of the car, I cannot believe the incredible blue-green brilliance of the water. What a way to live, and it seems, Sexy hardly ever actually stays here.

He takes my hand and leads me inside, but not before cupping my face in his hands, looking deeply into my light brown eyes, and declaring that he has a surprise for me that he knows I will love.

I wonder what it is...

3. Why Creep?

Photo Models: Derrick S. Clegg
Vickie6 (Katlynne's Bodydouble and hopefully, star of the movie)
Photo Credit: Derrick S. Clegg, Images by Clegg

So you know by my profile that I'm living a secret life, but PLEASE don't judge me too harshly. You see, I failed to give you the exact reasons that I believe my husband is being unfaithful. He's never been a good liar, and really has always just gone ahead and confessed the truth whenever I tell him I don't believe him.

Not on one particular day though. He arrived home smelling like a woman's perfume. I asked him if he was having an affair.

It would be so easy for him to get away with cheating. After all, he never had a set time for coming home, because he was a manager for a large oil corporation known for demanding long hours from its employees.

The thought of him with another woman plagued me. Try as I might, I felt I wasn't getting the truth from him. I even began making love to him more often, sometimes twice a day, just to show him how much I loved him.

Not many weeks later, I saw lipstick on his collar, toward the back of his neck, and on another occasion, a love bite-
Wrath, MalibuImage by imagebysp via Flickr
-which we no longer gave one another. He continued to deny that he was cheating.

Then there was a love note in his car, and a birthday card made out to him, signed by a woman. Again, when I confronted him, he denied anything was going on.

Later, I found an email to him from a female co-worker, telling him to visit a specific porn site to remind him of their evening together! I didn't question him any further.

I began to feel devastated--here I was attending UCLA law to earn a degree so that we could have more out of life together. What if I kept asking, and he finally told me the truth, and the truth included the fact that he wanted out? I felt I would be driven to suicide if I lost him. Life would be meaningless to me.

So I began a plan to cope with the loss of my husband, and to save my life.

4. The Plan to Save My Marriage and My Life

Wed rings symbol/icon (for user stickers etc.)...Image via Wikipedia
I have to credit one of my law school classmates named Cynda for the brilliant plan to save my marriage, and my life.

She had also once suspected that her husband was being unfaithful. Woman's intuition is a powerful thing--and she felt her husband was going somewhere other than work each morning. Why? Because he traveled in the opposite direction of his workplace when he left home each morning.

One day Cynda actually followed him to his lover's home and saw them in the act through a backyard window.

She walked over to the back door and discovered that it was unlocked. She rushed in. Her husband jumped up, his dick was hard enough to cut diamonds.
Cynda charged at his lover, snatching her up by the hair, she began to whoop her ass. Cynda's husband attempted to defend his lover, but Cynda turned and began to beat his ass, too!

He threatened to call the police, so Cynda retreated back home. Her husband didn't return the entire night. The next day, he came home, apologized and swore never to screw around again.

Cynda continued in her marriage, believing that her husband was honest when he said the affair was over. Thereafter, she repeatedly caught him out with the woman. He was driving her insane with his lies, so she decided to have her own extramarital relationship. She loved her husband too much to leave him, but her self esteem needed a boost--a lover of her own was the answer.

Now Cynda urged me to do the same.

5. Sexy's Surprise!

Sexy took my hand and led me back inside his spectacular crib. The floors were white marble, but there was a huge custom sheep skin rug that covered the entire living room. It was super soft and had deep padding underneath.

We sat down on his huge white leather sectional. For some reason, I was feeling shy, so I left a big space between us.

"So, what is the surprise you wanted to give me?" I asked.

Suddenly, he leapt toward me like the vampire in Twilight, and began sucking on my lips. His were so juicy and delicious, I actually began to feel dizzy and I sank into his chest. My hand moved down to his lap, and SURPRISE! I got a good idea that he was packing something bigger than I had ever experienced.

He licked my lips and I opened them up to his wet tongue, getting even dizzier as we sucked and stroked our tongues together.

He let out a moan, unbuttoned my blouse, and...well, all I can tell you is that what followed was the best sex I'd ever had in my life, but of course, I didn't tell him that! Read the free preview to see more of the naughty encounter in living color Kat and Sexy's Love Game

He knew just how to touch me and take me to the highest heights.

Sexy is the most caring, attentive lover a woman could ever wish for.

6. On That Next Shit Now, or Bringing Sexy Back?

Sexy was soooo damn good, but I felt so fuckin' guilty! We showered separately at my request, and then I barely spoke to him on the ride back to my car, which I had left on a side street near UCLA. He didn't seem to mind, because he was bumpin' some Black Eyed Peas cut in the Maybach, with Fergie shouting "I'm on that next shit now!"

Oh well, I didn't give a shit right then if I ever saw him again or not--and in fact I was making a plan for the option to be NOT!!! How could I do this to my husband?? No matter what I thought he was up to, this was not me, and that was no excuse for me to fuck a total stranger--and a Hip Hop, married total stranger at that. So actually not a stranger, because you know his ass was like Tu Pac in his day "Round and Round, I Get Around."

Sexy kissed me goodbye, like he really gave a shit.

"Don't you feel bad?" I asked.

"I guess so, but you are worth it Kat. You're cool, and we're both married, so we know what's up, we keep this on lock and they won't get hurt. I trust you, you can trust me. I'll call you later," He said, holding my hand as I tried to escape his car.

"No, don't call me today, I'll call you tomorrow." I pulled my hand away, and hopped out of his flashy black car, into my own not too shabby used black Mercedes S-Class.

When I got home, I took a shower again. My husband wasn't gonna be home for hours, but I wanted to wash away any evidence that I had been unfaithful. When he did get home, he didn't notice anything different, and I was relieved he didn't make any moves, 'cause I was sore as hell from my escapade with Sexy.

I didn't call Sexy the next day, or the next, or the next. But can you believe I began to actually miss him, and feel hurt that he hadn't called me.

On the fourth day, Sexy called! As soon as I heard his voice, I knew I had to Bring Sexy Back!!! He told me he missed me, and we had awesome phone sex--pretty much because he said, when he made love to his wife, he fantasized that he was making love to me.

Even more lascivious, he told me, "one night when I was hitting her from the rear, I imagined you laid out in front of her, and she was going down on you, saying "Kat, you taste so delicious, I know why my husband had to have you. I want you, too!"

Damn, I had never been with a woman, or fantasized about being with a woman before, but Sexy said it was his fantasy, and he made it sound sooooo good...